Alcohol Free Zones

Alcohol Free Zone

Alcohol Free Zones are restrictions on the possession and consumption of alcohol in public places. They are established by council and enforced by the police.

Alcohol-free zones are established under Sections 644-644C of the Local Government Act and include all streets, roads and footpaths within defined alcohol free zone areas within the Leeton Shire.

A map showing current alcohol free zones within the Leeton and Yanco townships can be found by clicking the link below.

If you are holding an event at an alcohol prohibited area you can request the ban be lifted for the duration of the event. If approved, the applicant must keep the approval with them at the event to provide proof to council enforcement officers if required.


Any person caught consuming alcohol in a designated Alcohol Free Zone or Alcohol Prohibited Area may have their alcohol confiscated and tipped out by the police under the Local Government Amendment (Alcohol-free zones) Act 1995.


Council is currently re-establishing the alcohol free zones within the Leeton and Yanco Central Business Areas.

For further information

Further enquiries can be directed to Council’s Building, Planning and Health team on 02 6953 0911 or by emailing