Public Swimming Pools and Spas compliance

Spa Pool - compliance

A public swimming pool or spa pool is one to which the public is admitted whether free of charge or for a fee.

Leeton Shire Council is committed to ensuring safe and heathy conditions are provided at public bathing sites across the local government area in accordance with the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2012 which regulates the public health risk associated with these facilities.

The key requirements under the Act and Regulation for an occupier of premises at which a public swimming pool and/or spa pool is located are that the occupier will be required to:

  • Notify the local council of their existence.
  • Ensure that the primary disinfectant is either chlorine or bromine.
  • Ensure that the public pool is fitted with either an automated or a continuous metered disinfectant dosing system.
  • Ensure that the public pool complies with the specified levels of bromine and chlorine, pH and alkalinity, and meets testing and record keeping requirements. These requirements are set out in detail in Schedule 1 of the Regulation.
  • Ensure that they comply with all aspects of the Act and Regulation that relate to public swimming pools and spa pools.

Council's environmental health officers may carry out Public Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Monitoring to check compliance with record keeping requirements and carry out water testing. The testing involves the on-site monitoring of various water quality parameters such as pH, alkalinity, free and total chlorine along with the collection and analysis of microbiological water samples to ensure compliance with the Public Health legislation.

For further information please contact Council’s Planning, Building and Health Department on 02 6953 0911 or email

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