Drainage at kerb and gutter

Leeton Shire Council is responsible for managing and maintaining the majority of roadside and township drains, except declared main roads which are looked after by Transport for NSW, and Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) owned drains.

Council is generally responsible for road and stormwater drainage issues. The following are the property owner’s responsibility:

  • drainage pipes or culverts at property entrances, roof/property drainage to a legal point of discharge
  • inter-allotment drainage

Keeping driveway culverts clear is also the property owner’s responsibility, however they are checked during Council’s routine maintenance.

Council manages and maintains storm water drains and drainage pits in the Shire’s urban areas. These drains must be clear of all debris to protect the community during heavy rainfall and help keep our river system healthy.

Major open drains are sprayed for weeds as required.

You can help maintain these drains by:

  • washing your car on the lawn
  • preventing leaves and debris (e.g. lawn clippings) from entering the stormwater drainage system
  • reporting any blockages or potential blockages to Council 

If you are aware of any significant drainage issues, please contact Council on 02 6953 0911 or council@leeton.nsw.gov.au