Bonded asbestos containing materials are considered low risk if they are sealed, undisturbed and in good condition. They can however, pose a potential and serious health when disturbed, damaged or weathered. To avoid any potential health hazards, it is critical all asbestos containing material is properly handled, removed and disposed of.


If you discover, or suspect you have found, materials containing asbestos in your home contact Council on 02 6953 0911 for further advice and consider engaging a licenced professional to test the material.

If you think it might be asbestos, treat it like it is.

As dictated by law, a licensed asbestos removal contractor must be contacted for the removal of:

  • All friable asbestos
  • More than ten (10) metres of bonded asbestos (about the size of a small bathroom)
  • If bonded asbestos is damaged or weathered 


You can dispose of asbestos at the Leeton Landfill and Recycling Centre, however you must ring 02 6955 6384 prior to give notice and check the current rules for this facility on how you must package and deliver asbestos.

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Leeton Landfill and Recycling Centre (operating hours and asbestos disposal fees) 

Important Information and Links

The websites and brochure below provide valuable, comprehensive and legal advice and guidelines for the treatment of Asbestos.

Asbestos Awareness

This website was created by the Asbestos Education Committee, and provides a comprehensive guide on all aspects of asbestos for home renovators and tradesman.

Asbestos - NSW EPA

NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) outlines legal requirements and provides information on guidelines for asbestos removal, transport and disposal at licensed landfills.

Safely Disposing of Asbestos Waste from Home

The Department of Environment and Conservation provides this quick guide on the safe handling, storage, transport and disposal of bonded asbestos.

Asbestos - SafeWork NSW

Safework NSW provides advice on licenses, licensed contractors and guidelines for asbestos removal at home and in the workplace.