Leeton Cemetery

Having well maintained cemeteries that honour our loves ones is important. Council is committed to offering respectful and supportive services for grieving families.

Council manages the Leeton and Whitton Cemeteries. Since 1957 Leeton Cemetery has been under the control of the Leeton Shire Council and in 1961 following extension of the Shire boundaries Council also assumed responsibility for Whitton Cemetery.

Leeton Cemetery

Leeton Cemetery is located on Boronia Road, Leeton and the earliest recorded burial date is 1912. Management of the Cemetery between 1914 and 1957 was carried out by representatives of various denominations and maintenance was dependent on voluntary workers. Since the control of the Cemetery became Council’s responsibility considerable improvement to the grounds has been carried out and the development of the beautiful lawn cemetery and rose garden has improved the appearance greatly.

The Leeton Cemetery has a lawn section, rose garden (ashes), vault section, capella section and a monumental (closed unless reserved).

Whitton Cemetery

Whitton Cemetery is located on Wilga Road, Whitton and has a long history. Whitton was a thriving railway town before Leeton was even thought of. Trustees of the Cemetery were first appointed in 1883. In 1965 the old section of the Whitton Cemetery was closed to enable Council to keep more accurate records.

Burial Services

Services are available each day of the week by contacting your Funeral Director. Special arrangements and charges apply for weekend services.

During services shade is provided for convenience and comfort where possible.

Plaques for the lawn and rose garden (ashes) sections are available through Council.

The size of the plaque for the lawn graves is 380 x 215mm. The plaque may be single, double with a small detachable plate for individual information (if for a couple in the one grave) or a book style plaque (2 book leafs). These plaques may vary by different borders, emblems etc.

The size of the plaque for the rose garden (ashes) section is 230 x 205mm. This plaque may be single or double with a small detachable plate for individual information if for a couple in the one grave. These plaques may vary by different borders, emblems etc.

Cemetery Policy

Leeton Shire Council has a Cemetery Policy which provides a standard for the administration and maintenance of Council’s Cemeteries. To view this Policy, please Click here.

Cemetery Fees and Charges

Current fees and charges for the Cemeteries are available in the Revenue Policy, including Fees  and Charges(PDF, 3MB) .

Further information can be obtained by contacting Council’s Office during business hours – 8.30am to 5.00pm on 02 6953 0911, or email council@leeton.nsw.gov.au.