Application Forms

From 1 July 2021, all development applications and the majority of post consent certificates must be submitted through the NSW Planning Portal. Please note hard copy applications to Council will not be received after this date. For more information including how to register and to access the portal visit the link below. 

Application Forms

Fees for submission of the following applications are available in the Council Revenue Policy including Fees and Charges or by contacting Council’s Building, Planning and Health staff by phoning 02 6953 0911 or via email

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate

From the 29 April 2016, all properties being sold or leased with a swimming pool or spa pool will require a valid certificate of compliance, or a relevant Occupation Certificate to be annexed to the Contract for Sale, the Lease or the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

To obtain a certificate of compliance you will need to contact either Council or an Independent Accredited Certifier who is registered with the Building Professionals Board.

Independent Accredited Certifiers can be found on NSW Government Fair Trading website.

To avoid any unnecessary delays in selling or leasing your property, be proactive and give yourself plenty of time. To date, around 70% of pools inspected in Leeton will fail to obtain a certificate of compliance at the first inspection, with many requiring multiple re-inspections and a significant period of time before a compliance certificate is able to be issued.

Requirements to obtain a certificate of compliance vary depending on the age of the pool and the age of the property.

To apply for a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate please complete the form below and send it to Council.


Council’s Building, Planning and Health staff can assist you in completing the form by phoning 02 6953 0911 or via email

Portable and Blow-up Pools

Portable and blow-up pools are required to comply with exactly the same safety requirements as any other swimming pool.

Section 10.7 Planning Certificate

Buying a home? Know what you are buying?

When buying a property it is important to find out about planning controls or hazards that may affect the land you are seeking to purchase.

You may obtain this information from Council by requesting a planning certificate (Section 10.7 Certificate – as defined by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979).

A Section 10.7 Planning Certificate is a legal document that confirms the zoning and applicable rules for development of the property.

There are two types of Section 10.7 Planning certificates:

  • A certificate issued under Section 10.7 (2) provides information about the zoning of the property, the relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property affectations such as land contamination and road widening.

  • A certificate issued under Sections 10.7 (5) provides other information Council is aware of that applies to the property

A Section 10.7 Planning certificate is not a development approval.

To obtain a Section 10.7 Planning certificate for a property please complete the form below and send it to Council. It is essential to check that you have accurately identified the property to which your certificate relates.


Residents can apply for 10.7 (2) and 10.7 (5) Planning Certificates on the NSW Planning Portal. Just click on the following link:



For further information

For further information please contact Council’s Building, Planning and Health staff by phoning 02 6953 0911 or via email