Our Roads


Council is committed to providing safe and practical road solutions for Leeton Shire businesses, residents and visiting road users.

Maintaining and upgrading Council’s 900km of road network is the most expensive activity undertaken by Council.

Council has a Roads & Traffic Asset Management Plan(PDF, 6MB) to guide where resources are applied.

Each year Council determines what roads will be specifically maintained or upgraded in the annual (PDF, 3MB)Operational Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Unsealed Road Maintenance

Council maintains 495km of unsealed roads which can become potholed and corrugated over time. This deterioration is due to traffic movements and weather conditions, both wet and dry. Maintenance grading is a year round requirement.

Road conditions are assessed according to their safety and driveability. If they are found to be unsafe for drivers, they are scheduled for maintenance. Unsealed road maintenance is performed by grading, watering and compacting the road to bring it up to safe driving standards. Leeton Shire Council also undertakes approximately 16km of gravel re-sheeting per annum. There is 90km of roads that receive little to no maintenance. This is because they are a dry weather only or paper road (or unformed ‘track’).

Sealed Road Maintenance

Council maintains 115km of urban sealed roads and 290km of rural sealed roads.

Many of the roads have been constructed for quite some time and were not built to service modern day machinery and vehicles. Consequently sealed surfaces are susceptible to potholing and deformation. Council regularly inspects these roads for problems, which are repaired as soon as practicable. Sealed surfaces become brittle and require resealing on a regular basis to ensure the gravel pavements underneath are protected from the intrusion of moisture.

Annually Council reseals approximately 12km of bitumen roads.

Council also maintains 60km of Transport for NSW roads through a contract arrangement with NSW Government.

Other Road Maintenance

Drainage, line-marking, signage, guideposts, potholes, vegetation control, kerb and gutter repair, street-sweeping, shoulder and footpath maintenance.

To report a concern in relation to a road/s within the Leeton Shire road network please contact Council on 02 6953 0911 or council@leeton.nsw.gov.au