Pre-Lodgement Consultation

Pre-lodgement meetings are for people who intend to lodge a Development Application and would like advice and assistance in the early stages of the planning and design of their development proposal.

Pre-lodgement meetings help identify key issues and ensure applicants are on the ‘right track’. They are not intended to investigate every detail of the development proposal as this is covered through the formal development assessment process.

One of the advantages of attending a pre-lodgement meeting in the early stages of preparing a Development Application is that it will assist you to prepare a full and detailed Development Application and will allow Council to be able to process the Development Application more efficiently.

When a pre-lodgement meeting has been held the applicant has the opportunity to listen to the advice provided by Council Officers.

Important Information

  • While the advice at a pre-lodgement meeting is given in good faith, it in no way binds a decision made by Council.
  • While there is no guarantee the outcome of your Development Application will be a favourable determination, a pre-lodgement meeting is beneficial as Council Officers can provide early comments on your proposal and specific investigations. We also highlight any major concerns or issues that you need to address prior to lodging an application.
  • Pre-lodgement meetings are not intended for general planning or development enquiries. For general planning or development enquiries, please speak to one of our Council Officers by phoning Leeton Shire Council on 02 69530911 or visiting Council’s Office at 23-25 Chelmsford Place, Leeton.

How do I arrange a pre-lodgement meeting?

Step 1.Step 1 - Submit form and supporting information

Alternatively, hard copy forms can be obtained:

  • by phoning Leeton Shire Council on 02 6953 0911
  • by visiting Council’s Administrative Centre, Customer Relations Counter

Hard copy forms may be submitted in person at Council’s Office at 23-25 Chelmsford Place, Leeton. Scanned application forms can also be emailed to

Step 2.Step 2 - Arrange a time to meet

Following receipt of your request, Council will confirm the meeting date, time and place via email/letter. Please contact Council if you haven't received a meeting date within five working days of lodging your application.

Note: Meetings will be booked based on the date of which the application has been received. Council does try to meet requests for specific dates but this cannot be guaranteed due to the large number of requests received by Council.

If you have supplied inadequate information with your request, the Council Officer assigned to the application may contact you to advise whether further information is required before the meeting.

Step 3.Step 3 - The meeting

At the end of your pre-lodgement meeting, Council Officers will document issues discussed and recommendations made for your proposal. Council will send a copy of this information to you within 14 working days of the meeting. Any delays in sending the notes will generally be advised in advance; either at the meeting or directly after the meeting.


  • All plans and documents need to be submitted to Council at least seven working days prior to the meeting or the meeting will need to be postponed
  • Plans and documentation may be emailed or hand delivered
  • All hard copy applications are to be accompanied by a CD containing all documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-lodgement meetings are held at Council’s Administrative Centre, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons with prior appointments.

A Council Officer(s) will attend your pre-lodgement meeting. A Planning Officer and/or relevant Manager will chair the meeting and other relevant technical experts will also attend the meeting.

At the meeting you can discuss:

  • initial concepts
  • detailed design aspects
  • specialist technical requirements (BCA advice will be limited to deemed-to-satisfy provisions)

Council Officers will give their professional opinion on the proposal and provide guidance where possible. However, the meeting is not intended to pre-empt the outcome of the Development Application.

If you proceed to formal lodgement of a Development Application Council will assess your Development Application against the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the specific environmental planning instruments and policy documents that apply within the Leeton Shire Council area. Submissions received in relation to your application will also be considered.

The quality of advice given depends on the accuracy of the information you provide. It is essential you research the proposal to identify relevant issues to raise at the meeting. You should provide as much detail as possible about the proposal, including:

  • site plan
  • photographs of the site and the surrounding area
  • a brief Statement of Environmental Effects, detailing
    • a history of the site
    • details of design issues that need to be discussed
    • compliance table
    • details of any non-compliances/variations from Council’s planning controls and development standards and any justifications for these variations
    • details of any likely issues such as: increase in traffic, stormwater, noise, infrastructure needs, environmental and heritage
  • any other information that you feel Council needs to assess your pre-lodgement application.

With regards to the plans lodged, Council does not need fully worked up plans (plans ready for Development Application lodgement).