Roxy Community Theatre – Works continue with Local Trades Stepping Up

Published on 21 July 2023


Council is pleased to announce that construction works on the Roxy Community Theatre are set to continue with local trades stepping up to complete the remainder of the build under the direction of Council’s newly formed Roxy Project Management Office (PMO).

After the news of the Lloyd Group's voluntary liquidation, Council was faced with the challenge of picking up the pieces. An interim PMO was set up to carry out extensive inspections across all disciplines to assess where the build was at, estimate the cost to complete, and recommend how best to move forward. In May 2023, Council determined to proceed as Principal instead of procuring a new Head Builder as this would have added significantly to the cost.

From there, significant effort was focused on re-engaging local contractors, with repricing of over 45 different trades being undertaken. Council is delighted that the local trades required for the redevelopment project will continue to work with Council. Council has also sourced some new local trades for elements that were previously being done by companies in metropolitan Australia.

IMG_1772_compressed.jpg In addition, the Roxy PMO has been working extensively towards implementing a construction sequence that considers the complexities of restoring the Roxy – a heritage-listed building of scale.

“Demolition works to create openings for adjoining buildings will be one of the first tasks undertaken. During this delicate operation, the Structural Engineer will be on-site to ensure that the demolition sequence is strictly adhered to,” explained Construction and Contract Manager, Peter Salisbury.

Mayor Cr Tony Reneker said that Work, Health & Safety (WHS) and financial accountability to the community are Council’s top priorities in assuming the role of Principal for the Roxy Redevelopment Project.

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our contractors will be working in a safe yet productive environment,” said Mr Reneker.

Project Manager Gideon Vos said a key focus has been on developing WHS plans and ensuring all legislative requirements are being met.

“In addition to this, SafeWork will undertake on-site audits to ensure compliance in all areas and provide suggestions for improvements where necessary,” said Mr Vos.

It is anticipated that works will commence the week after SafeWork has visited.

This WHS risk mitigation will also include the implementation of Traffic Management Plans around the Roxy (both Wade Avenue and Roxy Lane) which will be amended as required to reduce any lengthy disruptions.

“We understand that this will be an inconvenience at times but want to thank the community for their support and understanding in getting this project to its long-awaited completion,” said Mr Vos.

Mayor Cr Tony Reneker is looking forward to seeing the Roxy building site become a hive of activity again.

“I would like to express my gratitude to our local trades and businesses who have enabled us to get this significant community project back on track. They have all demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the community in these difficult and unprecedented circumstances with their typically unassuming ‘let’s get the job done’ attitude,” he said.

Deputy Mayor and Portfolio lead for Arts & Culture, Cr Michael Kidd, said that Council will keep the community abreast of the project’s progress via regular updates on social media, Council’s website and the newspaper.

“We hope to soon be able to invite the community back on site once we are given the safety all clear – the tours were popular before and we look forward to giving residents the chance to view the progress in person,” he said.

Provided all works going ahead as planned and there are no hiccups along the way, the build is expected to be completed by May 2024.

The full Roxy Redevelopment project value – with Council assuming the role of Principal – remains $12,182,407 with Council’s contribution being the same as it was previously ($5,284,000).

Council will also continue to seek additional grant funds to make up for elements of the project that have currently been value-managed out to keep the project within the initial voted budget.



Katherine Herrmann
Roxy Project Director
T. 0427 978 944

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