Council to explore various options for Roxy operations

Published on 24 February 2023


At February’s Ordinary Meeting, Council agreed to explore various options regarding the future operation model for the Roxy Community Theatre. This includes investigating both managing the Roxy in-house through Council staff and outsourcing the day-to-day operations and programming of the Roxy Community Theatre.

“By exploring both models of service delivery, Council will be able to consider and compare options to achieve higher levels of service without further burdening the Shire’s ratepayers,” says Mayor Cr Tony Reneker.

Non-binding Expressions of Interest will be called and presented to Council for consideration by no later than the May 2023 Council meeting. In the meantime, Council staff will also prepare a budget for employing a professional theatre manager and team to run the expanded facility.

Council also confirmed the budget for the Roxy redevelopment of which over half will be grant funded (54%). The remaining 44% will be covered by Council and 2% to be fundraised through the Roxy Redevelopment Committee. The costs of $11,437,148 are inclusive of build, consultants, seating, specialist equipment, power supply upgrade, internal project management, and a 10% contingency.

Regarding Council’s share, a revised funding strategy was adopted which will see all Council contributions ($5,046,500) to be 100% loan funded over 20 years.

“We are trying to preserve general fund cash for operations which is the reason 100% loan funding is being recommended,” said General Manager Jackie Kruger.

The redevelopment of the Roxy Community Theatre is due to be completed by end of July 2023, subject to timely procurement of steel with contractor LLOYD Group expecting its first delivery by mid-March.

The following aspects of the build however have been completed or are nearing completion:

  • Demolition: 95% complete

Demolition complete.jpg  

  • Auditorium ground level reinforcement and flat floor slab: 100% complete

Auditorium-2.jpg    Auditorium.jpg

  • Movie Café ground level reinforcement, floor slabs and façade: 95% propping complete

Movie Theatre.jpg

  • Southwest corner ground level reinforcement, strip footings and slab: 90% complete

South west corner.jpg

  • Roof replacement: 70% complete - ridge caps, flashings and fixings as well as Crate and Movie Café roofing still to come

Roof 1.jpg   Roof 2.jpg

  • Rough in of electrical, sewer and stormwater: 100% complete

Rough in of electrical, sewer and stormwater.jpg

Leeton Shire Council’s Roxy Project Manager Gideon Vos elaborated that works to be completed over the next four weeks include blockwork to external walls (south and west) up to concrete platform height, backfill and final floor slab (infill) from Roxy Lane external wall to kitchen, erection of formwork for suspended platform slab for dressing room and backstage corridor as well as preparation of dress circle floors.

Deputy Mayor Cr Kidd who is the Portfolio Lead for Arts & Culture is hopeful that the build site will soon be safe enough to commence walkthroughs for the public.

“The site tours will enable the community to gain a better understanding of the project and its challenges, while also getting a fuller appreciation of the vision and progress for our grand old lady,” he said.  



Jackie Kruger
General Manager
T. (02) 6953 0901

Deputy Mayor Cr Michael Kidd
T. 0427 536 065

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