Behind the Scenes at the Roxy – A Conversation with Lee Etherington

Published on 03 November 2023


While works are progressing at the Roxy, we want to shine a light on another specialist involved in the project: Lee Etherington.

Lee is the Business Development Director at LPA Lighting and Energy Solutions (LPA) which specialises in cutting-edge lighting systems, design and heritage light restoration, and boasts an impressive portfolio, including the delivery of Sydney’s T2 Domestic Airport upgrade, the Art Gallery of NSW lower level 3 upgrade, Santa Sophia Catholic College, and The Institute of Applied Technology – Kingswood TAFE.

LPA has a team of experienced lighting professionals who can offer a unique full turnkey solution, from concept design to project management and final commissioning of the lighting control. Lee works with Luken Smyth, LPA’s technical Project Manager, and the LPA design team to realise restoration building upgrades such as the Roxy.

So what changes to the lighting can the community expect in the redeveloped Roxy Theatre? The lighting for the Roxy will combine new and old lighting technologies, complementing the existing charm of the building. Tuneable white LEDs will be featured in the architecture in the foyer. The main theatre space will utilise “Dim to Dark” technology which will allow the LED lighting to be dimmed to 0.01%, something that will come in very handy during stage productions and movie screenings.

LPA will be working with the Architect to retain and refurbish existing lighting fixtures as well as creating some custom elements developed for specific areas. The lighting for the entire complex will link together through a wireless Bluetooth mesh controlled via the CASAMBI smart lighting app. The decision was made to use CASAMBI to negate the need for additional communication cable. Given the system is wireless, there is less of a footprint, and it makes changes and additions simple to implement. All the lighting elements in the main theatre will be integrated with the stage lighting system.

Lee says he feels privileged to be a part of the Roxy journey.

“The Roxy redevelopment is a unique, one-of-a-kind undertaking. Our aim is to deliver the best lighting solution for this complex project. In illuminating the theatre, we illuminate the spirit of a community, preserving its heritage and illuminating its future.”