Behind the Scenes at the Roxy – 10 October 2023

Published on 10 October 2023


The Roxy continues to be a hive of activity with Narrandera-based Hutchins Bros progressing with the installation of structural steel in the stage area and the old Movie Cafe.

In the stage area, steel beams (see Picture 3) were specifically installed for theatre rigging equipment and reinforcing the structural integrity of the 90-year-old building. Imagine rows of backstage curtains, retractable walls, winches, lighting bars, and more which will be supported here.

The flying gallery (see top right in Picture 2) will provide an all-important platform for operating theatre equipment – with the ladders soon to be installed.

The steel structure below (see Picture 2) will be opened up to make room for the stage wing, an extra large room off to the side where all of the lighting will be controlled as well as providing the stage manager an area to work from during productions.

The structural steel in the stage area will also enable the installation of a fire curtain; an important safety feature of the refurbished Roxy.

If a fire was to happen in the stage area, the curtain will be released to seal off the stage and stop the fire from transferring into the auditorium. These are all mandatory requirements under the Building Code of Australia to make the building compliant for modern use as a town hall and theatre.

Significant work has also taken place in the old Movie Cafe, adjacent to the Roxy.

The steel structure (see Pictures 4 & 5) supports the Roxy II Theatrette as well as a new opening which will lead into the extended foyer and Roxy office.

Roxy Site Tours are set to return from 23 October 2023, subject to safety considerations.

Running on a fortnightly basis for approximately 20 minutes, the tours will provide an exclusive look behind the curtain and unique insight into the build process of our beloved Roxy Community Theatre.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information and how to register.