Leeton Shire Council is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for our community. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our approach to planning, decision-making, and action, focusing on optimizing resource use while maintaining our organization's viability. We aim to enhance environmental quality, social values, and community engagement.

In our operations, we actively work to minimise our ecological and carbon footprint, reducing our impact on the environment. We also take pride in leading by example, implementing projects that bolster sustainability across the Shire.

A testament to our commitment is the installation of 11 solar power systems. These systems are not just a step towards renewable energy, but also form part of a broader strategy to enhance resilience. They facilitate trials in battery storage, peak demand reduction, intelligent demand response and control, and support electric vehicle charging. We are also conducting virtual power plant trials and have established a comprehensive monitoring platform. This platform provides real-time insights into energy savings, consumption, and carbon emission reduction, demonstrating our dedication to a greener future.

Below is a PowerBI dashboard that illustrates the Council's achievements in sustainability, showcasing the tangible savings in CO2 emissions and financial costs, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility.