Informal request

Access to information which is not otherwise made readily available by Council may be provided through information release. As with open access information, Council is authorised to make publicly available any information it holds unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure. Requests for informal release of information should be made to Council by submitting an Informal Request Form(PDF, 123KB).

When lodging an information access application, Council may still require a Formal Request Form(PDF, 240KB) to be submitted in certain circumstances This is generally the case if the information being sought:

  • Is not available via proactive or informal release
  • Is of a sensitive nature that requires careful weighing of the considerations in favour of and against disclosure
  • Contains personal or confidential information about a third party which may require consultation
  • May involve a substantial amount of time and resources to produce.

Please Note:

  • Any photocopying or printing required may incur a fee in accordance with Council’s adopted Fees and Charges(PDF, 3MB).
  • The GIPA Act provides no statutory timeframe by which informal requests must be decided within. Council is not required to disclose government information pursuant to an informal request and is also not required to consider an informal request for government information. Council can decide, however, by what means information is to be released in response to an informal request.