Councillor Sandra Nardi


Cr Sandra Nardi

About Cr Sandra Nardi

Sandra Nardi is a second term Councillor of Leeton Shire Council.

Born and raised in Leeton, Cr Nardi is a second generation Italian who was brought up with old traditions and a good balance of Italian and Australian culture.

A lifelong local, Sandra started working at a small hairdressing salon in town where she commenced a hairdressing apprenticeship at the age of 15. She worked at this salon for 5 years before opening her own business, And now 16 years later she is the proud owner of S & Co Hair and Beauty Bar. 

The way that residents of Leeton Shire band together and support each other is something that she feels sets Leeton above many other rural communities by being such a giving community.

As a Councillor for the next 2+ years, Sandra will offer support and be there to listen to residents’ voices and try to assist in making the best possible decisions for the future of Leeton Shire. She describes herself as very strong willed, extremely passionate, and someone who never gives up on a challenge.

Bringing back and maintaining facilities that we really need in Leeton Shire is very important to Cr Nardi. Completing our large scale projects to enhance the vibrancy of our community and deliver what she believes the community desires.

She is also communicating with local people to listen to their ideas and requests, to get a better understanding of what the community wants to see for Leeton’s future.

Committee Membership:

  • SunRice Festival Committee
  • CBD Enhancement Advisory Committee
  • Community Grant Funding Working Group
  • Leeton Youth Council
  • Roxy Redevelopment Committee (Build and Operations)